All year, everyday, I have been watching people die.

Die from corona
Die from gunshot
Die from heartbreak….poor health, lack of health care, health complications, comorbidities and so called “old age”

All year people have been gone too soon.
Sun is shining but life is filled with so much doom

All year I have been watching people die.

24 in 48 hours

5 a day

thousands in a week

millions in a month

known and unknown.

All year everywhere I am watching people die
Killed by dreams and ambitions, jobs or where they come from.

All year …

now is a new year…

I am still watching people die…

Waiting for the news, the headlines,the tributes, the zoom funeral. All day every year.

Where is God. Why are we watching all these people die?

The children are the future so we keep reproducing, hoping the future will stay alive….. while we watch all these people die.